It is the policy of IRAD Investment Limited, wherever we conduct our activities and business, to ensure that strict operational procedures are identified to give proper regards to the conservation of the environment. In implementing this policy IRAD Investment Limited fully recognizes the importance of complying with the relevant local legislation and also promoting the appropriate measures to safeguard the environment for all whom may be affected directly or indirectly by the company’s operational activities.

The appropriate measure relates to the safety of operations undertaken by the company’s employees and sub-contractors. This includes the prevention of air, water and soil pollution, as wail as the necessary precautions to minimize damage from accidents that might occur in the circumstances.
The company undertakes to continually review and seek to improve its operating procedures, equipment and other resources to comply with the following environmental policy:

  • All company employees will observe applicable environmental health hazardous material transportation and safety laws & regulations.
  • Priority will be given to protection of employees, the public and clients and the environment.
  • Prior to any new changes to existing operations the company’s line management will address any possible adverse environmental impacts before their Implementation.
  • The environmental impact of all materials in use or proposed for use in operations will be assessed in advance.
  • Strict control by line management responsible for operations shall be exercised on waste generation and onsite disposal together with toxic and critical pollutant emissions
  •  Materials, which are considered of a hazardous nature to the employees, public or the environment shall be avoided, but where their use is deemed necessary, use shall be minimized. However wherever possible such materials shall be replaced by alternative materials of an environmental friendly nature.
  • The company, through its’ line management will promote environmental concern amongst its employees and seek to generate an overall awareness of the impact of their operational activities on the environment.
  • All employee will be further encouraged to identify and promptly report potential environmental matters of concern to their senior management and/or health and a safety sections.

        The company haven acknowledged the importance of protecting the environment will at all practical times seek to promote the efficient use of energy sources and maximize on conservation aspects.